As the global educational authority and community in Integrative Health and Medicine, AIHM is committed to advancing the knowledge, practice, and policies that champion treating the “whole” person — inviting and unifying conventional, traditional, and interprofessional practitioners alike. Grounded in health equity, diversity, and justice, and driven to integrate care disciplines for improving patient, provider, and practice outcomes, AIHM is a welcome home to all proponents of Whole Health.


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We’re uniting, educating and empowering health professionals in the practices and principles that advance Whole Health.


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AIHM supports like-minded organizations that work towards Whole Health for all. Members convene to work on clinical and social issues in their area of expertise.


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“By supporting collaborative research and the team-based model, together we can ensure quality care and compassionate service.”

Lucia Thornton, ThD, MSN, RN, AHN-BC
Past President, American Holistic Nurses Association
Fresno, California