Integrative Health Residency (IHR) Curriculum

Learning. To transform healthcare.

Our Integrative Health Residency (IHR) program curriculum incorporates foundational elements of integrative health and the latest evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to care. The self-paced lessons within the curriculum include video materials, access to peer-reviewed publications and other reference material, as well as reflective assignments for each module. Our program augments conventional residency training by shifting the focus to whole person care and offering more comprehensive treatment options that span the breadth of the integrative, Whole Health model. We welcome you to join the IHR program and consider a career in field of integrative, Whole Health.

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“As we transform healthcare globally, the incorporation of integrative, Whole Health education into graduate and undergraduate medical training will be paramount.  Therein lies the key to a seismic shift in the system.”

— Erika Cappelluti,