Integrative Health Residency Program

Where excellence in 
Whole Health education resides.

As a result of the changing landscape within the healthcare field, the Integrative Health Residency (IHR) program was designed for medical residents who wish to incorporate integrative, Whole Health education into their residency training. A wide array of evidence-based integrative health topics is covered by our faculty subject matter experts.

Content is presented via an online curriculum that is delivered through a flexible, user-friendly learning management system. Subjects range from general wellness to chronic illness, along with self-care and resilience. Focused on the treatment of the whole person, our IHR program champions the therapeutic relationship between practitioner-patient and all that integrative health has to offer.

Who should enroll in these programs

  • Medical residents
  • Residency faculty members looking to add to their knowledge base

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to integrative medicine and Whole Health
  • The essential importance of physician wellbeing & selfcare
  • Foundations of nutrition
  • Dietary supplements and botanicals
  • Mind-body medicine
  • Whole systems and manual medicine
  • Environmental health
  • Integrative approaches to healthcare (pain care, women’s/men’s health, pediatrics, mental health, and many others)

What you’ll earn

  • Invaluable integrative, Whole Health training
  • An AIHM Certificate of Completion
  • Hours you can then apply toward AIHM’s Integrative
  • Health & Medicine Fellowship program, commencing at or near the completion of your residency training

What you’ll experience

  • An online curriculum that is accessible 24/7/365
  • In-course links to additional tools, materials, and peer-reviewed publications
  • A greater appreciation of what Whole Health means
  • A curriculum of intellectually challenging and rewarding coursework that will provide the foundational elements of integrative, Whole Health education.

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