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IAYT’s SYTAR features the wide-ranging education you need for professional and personal development. With a return to the rich community of in-person connections, you'll also enjoy opportunities to collaborate and network with your yoga therapy colleagues, researchers, and other experts.

2024 Annual International Conference (AIC): Repair, Restore, Regenerate: Healing of the Micro and the Macro Through Functional Medicine Discover innovative treatment options that are changing clinical practice, providing patients more opportunities for healing at IFM's 2024 Annual International Conference (AIC). Join in person May 29 - June 01, 2024, and earn up to 15.75 CME [...]

The Food as Medicine Global Conference features the often unheard voices of people working at the intersections of food, health, community, social justice, and planetary well-being. The program highlights community efforts that support food sovereignty and health justice. The conference will be entirely online to support more equitable access and to create an eco-friendly event. [...]

Building Deeper Foundations for Strong Integrative Oncology Care In this important presentation, Dr. Anderson will share insights from his more than 30 years of clinical experience in integrative oncology, to discuss the common pillars of cancer care he has identified in patients with superior outcomes in survival, quality of life, and secondary prevention. The factors [...]

Imagine the possibilities of being able to intuitively pinpoint the root causes of illness, imbalance, and disease! The Practical Path® Medical Intuitive Training™ accredited certification program offers a comprehensive step-by-step method of mastery in Medical Intuition. Medical Intuition is designed to provide a powerful skill set for fast, accurate intuitive assessments, and is a growing [...]

  Non-members and med school students are welcome to attend! Join us on Thursday, February 22, to meet and mingle with fellow integrative practitioners of all disciplines in a relaxing, informal atmosphere. Refresh and expand your professional circle, connect with potential new referral sources, and help us grow and solidify the regional IM community! For our most [...]