Welcome to The Councils of AIHM

Vision. Unity. Leadership. Governance.

We are pleased to introduce The Councils of AIHM.

What began in 2004 as a vision to promote the policies and actions that would advance the cause of integrative health and medicine now serves as the rock upon which AIHM and its Councils are built — foremost among them, the ACIH Council, our founding cornerstone.

Still driven by the momentum of that initial integrative health and medicine movement, AIHM and The Councils of AIHM are committed to manifesting the vital next phase in championing true person-centric care — the imperative to make the Whole Health model of care familiar and accessible to all.


The valued members of The Councils of AIHM come from areas across public health and beyond. They operate both from within and outside governmental organizations and educational institutions across the country, as well as many parts of the world. Today they include the initial collective that began it all, the ACIH Council and the Educational Institutions Council. Working in unison, as well as on their own goals and objectives, each council is committed to being an active catalyst in uniting practitioners of conventional medicine with the integrative health community, and in building bridges toward Whole Health for the benefit of the patient, the practitioner and the practice.

So, whether you are a new or veteran healthcare practitioner, public health policy maker, or someone deeply devoted to creating a healthier nation for us all — on behalf of The Councils of AIHM, we are pleased to welcome you!

ACIH Council

Educational Institutions Council