As we all move together toward Whole Health, being part of a community of diverse interprofessionals is more valuable and essential than ever before. The AIHM Fellowship Program brings together practitioners from a multitude of disciplines, thereby enriching the educational experience. Medical doctors and doctors of osteopathic medicine who successfully complete the program are eligible for board certification through the American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABOIM).

Our expert faculty, robust evidence-based curriculum, dynamic and collaborative cohorts, open and inclusive culture, along with the flexibility and affordability of the program make it unlike any other in the field.

Why become an AIHM Fellow?

The advantages of becoming an AIHM Fellow are many, valuable and lasting.

Here’s a quick look at just a few of the benefits that come with being an AIHM Fellow.

More Affordable Tuition
AIHM’s Fellowship Program is less expensive than most and can be completed virtually. Many scholarships, sponsorships, and match opportunities are available to lower costs even further.

Advance Your Career Through Board Certification
Eligible AIHM Fellows may become board-certified in Integrative Medicine by the ABOIM. This can help to advance your career.

Embracing Whole Health
Learn the theory and practice of integrative Whole Health care, necessary to address the whole person in the context of their environment. In stepping away from a disease-focused model and towards an interprofessional one that places the patients’ desires at the forefront, both patient and practitioner benefit.

Immersive & Interactive Learning
Our curriculum and clinical immersion provide valuable, interactive experiences. Working with a multidisciplinary group of providers in virtual and clinical settings provides unique insights and tools that can aid in applying integrative approaches to Whole Health care.

Community, Connection, Conversation and Collaboration
Gain immediate access and ongoing engagement with a trusted network of interprofessional practitioners, forging partnerships, friendships and long-term resources.

Alleviate Burnout
Reenergize “your self” throughout our program, which emphasizes self-care and helps decrease stress, increase mindfulness and strengthen resiliency.

High-Touch Support
Staff, faculty and alumni will journey with you throughout the program, investing in your present and future success.


Enjoy many perks and money-saving discounts at the annual conference, on continuing education, and other AIHM activities and resources.

Enroll Now!

We are now accepting applications for 2024. We have two cohorts that begin each year: one in April and one in October. Come find your place as an AIHM Fellow.

Curriculum Overview

Content is presented in eight blocks over the course of two years and is designed for busy health professionals. The program is delivered through online courses developed and facilitated by expert faculty, experiential workshops and a clinical immersion experience with case studies. Learn effective tools like motivational interviewing, which can be immediately integrated into your clinical practice.

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