Myles Spar, MD

[course/subject] Integrative Men’s Health 

Dr. Spar is an Integrative Internist on clinical faculty at the University of Arizona. He also teaches in the Duke fellowship in leadership for Integrative Medicine. His professional focus has been on Integrative medicine for the underserved and for men; the latter is sort of an underserved population when it comes to Integrative Medicine, since most users of IM are women, and most IM is designed for and marketed mostly to women.

Spar was the founder and  the director of Integrative Medicine at a large multi-site community clinic, the Venice Family Clinic, for 17 years and now works as National Medical Director for AndHealth, a national practice focusing on participatory care and disease reversal.

Spar received the Bravewell award for leadership in Integrative Medicine and co-edited the book, Integrative Men’s Health, part of the Andrew Weil Integrative Medicine series for Oxford University Press. He wrote Optimal Men’s Health published in February 2020. He has contributed to Men’s Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, and has presented internationally on Integrative Men’s Health and has been a consultant to the NBA (National Basketball Association). Dr. Spar is past chair of the  board of the American Board of Integrative Medicine, which he encourages everyone to join when they graduate.