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Topic: Emerging Approaches in Integrative Care for Trauma, PTSD, and Nervous System Regulation

About the Speaker:

Dr. Jennifer Shults, DC has more than 20 years’ experience teaching and caring for women, men and children. With her base in Oberlin, Ohio, close to one of America’s preeminent music conservatories and liberal arts colleges, Dr. Shults takes special joy in helping musicians, dancers and other artists implement alternative and complementary approaches to performance issues, injuries, healing, exercise and nutrition. Dr. Shults also has a personal dedication to athletic performance. She has extensive experience addressing the special needs of practicing and retired professional and amateur athletes. An accomplished educator and public speaker, Dr. Shults presents to schools and universities, companies, and other organizations on a wide range of topics, including the basics of healthy lifestyle, optimizing neurological functioning for enhanced learning and performance, exploring the role of mind and emotion in health and disease, leading herb walks, and introducing the methods and philosophies of worldwide wholistic medicine. Special topics, including content purpose-built for an organization’s focus, will be considered, upon inquiry.

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