April Gruzinsky, MS

Director of Admissions

April grew up in Hawaii and no matter where she lives ~ it is with aloha spirit and an island style. She values lifelong learning and enjoys working with students of all ages.

April holds an MS in Psychology and likes to find the similarities and commonalities between people. While respecting and honoring our unique individuality, she believes we can connect and work together towards common goals. She believes that when people work from the heart and the mind — with good intentions — anything is possible.

In 2006, April and her family moved from Hawaii to Tucson, Arizona. She enjoyed working with many pioneers and leaders in Integrative Medicine for ten years at the University of Arizona. Her initial work there was also with Fellows and then she transitioned to working with medical students and residents. She helped with research on medical student and residency burnout and facilitated events that brought together practitioners, preceptors and presenters.

April has worked with the Fellowship at AIHM since 2016. Her primary focus is on Recruitment & Admissions which allows her to meet new people from all around the world. She connects with them through phone calls, emails, and web-based meetings.

April and her husband currently live in Tucson, Arizona where she enjoys spending time with her family, her pets and her friends. She likes listening to music — especially live music — has fun with hula and all dancing; and loves nature walks, traveling, and drinking strong coffee.