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AIHM Fellows

Changing Healthcare one Fellow at a Time

Roxana Cocos, FNP, MFN, RN, NP-C

“Intuitively, having attended the AIHM conference for the first time in 2015, I just knew that this Fellowship would change my life. I learned so much from our teachers and from my fellow Fellows. I have the highest amount of respect and gratitude for everyone who taught our courses. The honesty, vulnerability, passion, compassion, gratitude, wealth of knowledge, wisdom, experience, and information shared in our forums, filled my mind, my heart and soul. The scholarship offered to me made this dream possible. It made it financially affordable for me and I thank AIHM for this. Now, I work with an integrative physician whom I see eye to eye with and have honest conversations about our practice and how we can best support our patients. I am always learning, being respected and appreciated by him and the staff as well as and most importantly, by the patients that I touch on so many levels.”

Carlann DeFontes, DO

Dr. DeFontes is a physician with the VA clinic in Molokai, HI. When she began her role at the clinic, she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to bring integrative medicine into her practice. However, she was pleasantly surprised to find that many of her patients are interested in learning about Hawaiian traditional medicine, herbs, teas, supplements and alternative healing treatments. Recently, Dr. DeFontes was selected to be an educator for the VA Whole Health Program. The Whole Health Education team is made up of 18 members who travel throughout the United States teaching a patient-centered, whole health approach to care. The program is non-profit, with the goal of wellness. Dr. DeFontes believes that her participation in the AIHM Fellowship Program helped her to qualify for the position for which she feels “honored and humbled to have been selected.”

Kathlyn Ignacio, MD, FAIHM

“The Fellowship has taught me how to do medicine in a different way, to connect, to connect better with patients, really draw out what the real issues are, the root causes. I think the Fellowship has made me a better doctor, I think I’m better at doing what I do every day. I think it’s showing in my patients and in their healthcare.”

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“The inspiring and nurturing faculty and staff at AIHM, the interactive dynamic colleagues, the clinically immersed curriculum, soul-restoring mediation, and self-care exercises, countless reminder on lifestyle, balance, diet–it all made us fearless to embrace stress and come back as holistic healers.”

– Lalitha P. Aiyer, MD, MS, MBA, FAIHM

Celebrating our Graduates

Class of 2020 | Fellows of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine

  • Pegah Afra, MD, FAIHM
  • Susan Alcasid, MD, FAIHM
  • Sabitha Aligeti, MD, FAIHM
  • Rasheeda Ally, MD, FAIHM
  • Veronica Anderson Dedegbe, MD, FAIHM
  • Dahna Batts, MD, FAIHM
  • Radha Bhargava-Gupta, MD, FAIHM
  • Erin Rhae Biller, ND, FAIHM
  • Lara Bonner Millar, MD, FAIHM
  • Yulia Brockdorf LPC, RD, FAIHM
  • Lynnie Correll MD, FAIHM
  • Ashley Covington MD, FAIHM
  • Megan DeBell, MD, FAIHM
  • Jenni Hyysalo, MD, FAIHM
  • Christie Iverson, MD, FAIHM
  • Madhuri Kasireddy, MD, FAIHM
  • Hyunjae “Albert” Lee, DC, DPM, FAIHM
  • Ashley Lindell, MD, FAIHM
  • Wayne Matecki, LAc, FAIHM
Margo McGehee-Kelly, MD, FAIHM

  • Dana Nairn, MD, FAIHM
  • Amy Nett, MD/FM, FAIHM
  • Melissa Overman, DO, MPH, CHES, FAOCOPM, FAIHM
  • Grace Pak, MD, FAIHM
  • Dhruvil Pandya, MD, FAIHM
  • Vannette Perkins, MD, FAIHM
  • Claudette Rodriguez, MD, FAIHM
  • Laurie Rozek, DO, FAIHM
  • Trisha Seys Ranola, Pharm D, FAIHM
  • Fatoumatta Sissoho, MD, FAIHM
  • Santisree Tanikella, MD, FAIHM
  • Biju Varughese, MD, FAIHM
  • Ricardo Vasquez-Duarte, MD, FAIHM
  • Joshua Weaver, MD, FAIHM
  • Jewell Whitmer, CNM, FAIHM
  • Kirsten Wiitala, MD, FAIHM
  • Lindsay Wojciechowski, NP, FAIHM

Class of 2019 | Fellows of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine

  • Jessiann Andrus, PA-C, RDN, ATC, FAIHM
  • Tariku Assen, MD, FAIHM
  • Faleh Atassi, MD, FAIHM
  • Renae Blanton, MSN, FNP, FAIHM
  • Gregory Scott Brown, MD, FAIHM
  • Yolanda Cardenas, MD, FAIHM
  • Margaret Cassidy, MD, FAIHM
  • Helen Chang, MD, FAIHM
  • Christine Yi-Jing Chen-Hsu, MD, FAIHM
  • John Cho, MD, FAIHM
  • New Bern, NC, FAIHM
  • Amanda Corbett, PharmD, FAIHM
  • Michelle Crane, DO, FAIHM
  • Carlann DeFontes, DO, FAIHM
  • Tricia Dickens, MD, FAIHM
  • Yu-Chin Fang, MD, FAIHM
  • Jaclyn Gadbaw, MD, FAIHM
  • Natalie Gonzales, DO, FAIHM
  • Valerie Goodman, DO, FAIHM
  • Jordan Graeme, DC, FAIHM
  • Anshul Gupta, MD, FAIHM
  • Wendy Zeeben Hawley, MD, FAIHM
  • Jennifer Hernandez, MD, FAIHM
  • Christian Jenski, MD, FAIHM
  • Sheila Jeschke, FNP-C, FAIHM
  • Arthi Kachru Khazanchi, MD, FAIHM
  • Ekta Khurana, MD, FAIHM

Julieta La Rocca, MD, FAIHM

  • Kerriann Mah-Lee, MBBS, HTP, MFHom, BSc, FAIHM
  • Karen E. Mera, RN, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, FAIHM
  • Deepak Moosad, DC, MSAOM, FAIHM
  • Karen Mularski, MD, FAIHM
  • Matthew Mullane, MD, MPH, FAIHM
  • Ajith Nair, MD, FAIHM
  • Brunilda Nazario, MD, FAIHM
  • Gabriela Pichardo, MD, FAIHM
  • Mark Robinson, DO, FAIHM
  • Dharma Rose, DO, MS, RPh, ABIHM, FAIHM
  • Kiran Sachdev, MD, FAIHM
  • Gretchen Seitz, DAOM, LAc, FAIHM
  • Aerin Sembhi, MD, FAIHM
  • Suma Singh, MD, FAIHM
  • Scarlet Soriano, MD, FAIHM
  • Ana Tanase, MD, FAIHM
  • Pedro Toweh, MD, FAIHM
  • Naoki Umeda, MD, FAIHM
  • Geraldine Urse, DO, FAIHM
  • Nelson Valena, MD, FAIHM
  • Cynthia Vu, PharmD, FAIHM
  • Irina Weil, MD, FAIHM
  • Christine Wildeman, MD, FAIHM
  • Tiffany, Williams, MD, FAIHM
  • Susan Wozniak, MD, MBA, FAIHM

AIHM Fellowship Class of 2018 following graduation in San Diego, CA

Class of 2018 | Fellows of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine

  • Soleil Arrieta, MD, FAIHM
  • Sepinoud Bazel, MD, FAIHM
  • Samra Blanchard, MD, FAIHM
  • Larry Caesar, MD, FAIHM
  • Rebecca Campos, MD, ABFM, ABIHM, FAIHM
  • Kevin Chan DO, MS, FAIHM
  • Ann Marie Collier, MD, FAIHM
  • Aditi Davé, MD, FAIHM
  • Kimberly Douglas, MD,FAIHM
  • Galen Durose Jr., MD, FAIHM
  • Iris Erguder, MD, FAIHM
  • Kelly Glynn RD, MS, PA-C, FAIHM
  • Riccardo Grinfeld, MD, FAIHM
  • Charmaine Gutjahr, MD, FAIHM
  • Marni G. Hillinger, MD, FAIHM
  • Lauren Kaplan, DO, FAIHM
  • Tina Koopersmith, MD, FAIHM
  • Ruth Lininger, MD, MPH, FAIHM

Melissa Marshall, MD, FAIHM

Laura Medina, MD, FACS, MA, FAIHM

  • Sapna Muragali, MD, FAIHM
  • Tara Rajesh, MD, FAIHM
  • Sallie Redfern, MD, FAIHM
  • Winifred Reeve, MSN, FAIHM
  • Amy Sapola, PharmD, RPH, FAIHM
  • Kathleen Schuerman, DO, FAIHM
  • Haleh Sheikholeslami, MD, FAIHM
  • Denise Spector, PHD, MPH, MSN, ARNP, FAIHM
  • Holly Spraker-Perlman, MD, MS, FAIHM
  • Sarah Stinson, MS, LPC, CHTP/I, FAIHM
  • Saira T.A. Tandon, MD, FAIHM
  • Anna Thenappan, MD, FAIHM
  • Bharathii Venkatachalapathy, BAMS, YIC, FAIHM
  • Thirumalesh Venkatesh, MD, FAIHM
  • Manjusha Vinjamury, Ayurveda Physician, LAc, FAIHM

AIHM Fellowship Inaugural Class of 2018 following graduation in San Diego, CA

Inaugural Class of 2018 | Fellows of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine

  • Sharone Abramowitz, MD, FASAM, FAIHM
  • Donna Aiudi, MD, FAIHM
  • Lalitha P. Aiyer, MD, MS, MBA, FAIHM
  • Jessica Altamirano, MD, FAIHM
  • Sandra D. Amado Medina, MD, FAIHM
  • Katherine Ballard, MD, FAIHM
  • Brenda Bennett, PharmD, FAIHM
  • Mary Brittain Blackenship, MD, FAIHM
  • Jerry Bruns, MD, FAIHM
  • Patricia Louise Christie, MD, FAIHM
  • Corrine Nadine Moll, MD, FAIHM
  • Adefunke Olawaiye, MD, FAIHM
  • Ingrid Patsch, MD, FAIHM
  • Aunna Pourang, MD, FAIHM
  • Martha E. Rivera, MD, FAAP, FAIHM
  • Sadhana Samant, MD, FAIHM
  • Jan Swanson, PsyD, LP, ABPP, FAIHM
  • Yu Wah, MD, FAIHM
  • Heather Lee Wilkinson, DO, FAIHM
  • Mihaela Roxana Cocos, APRN, MSN, FNP-C, FAIHM
  • Amy Dayries-Ling, DMD, FAIHM
  • Tara Doyle Bizily, MD, FAIHM
  • Joanne E. Genewick, DO, FAIHM
  • Kathlyn R. Ignacio, MD, FAIHM
  • Richard Klamm, MD, FAIHM
  • Joyce Landers, MS, AGNP-BC, FAIHM
  • Tamara Lim, DO, MPH, FAAP, FAIHM
  • Irene Claudia Metro, MD, FAIHM
  • Nina Rachel Molin, MD, FAIHM