August 2021 –  AIHM Board of Directors have unanimously approved a new AIHM Student Alliance framework.  See details below AIHM Student Alliance What is the AIHM Student Alliance? The AIHM Student Alliance is a network of students committed to becoming interprofessional, patient-centered practitioners with a shared focus of integrative health. Through education, networking and empowerment, the AIHM Student Alliance aims to bring forth the next generation of integrative healthcare professionals. What is the organizational framework of the AIHM Student Alliance? The AIHM Student Alliance is divided into local, regional, and national levels. At the local level, students from a single school form an AIHM local chapter; local chapters host speakers and networking events. Local chapters within a similar geographical region come together to form a regional division. The regional division exists to unite different schools within a specific geographical area, encouraging cross-disciplinary networking. At the national level, a Student Alliance Leadership Council (SALC) exists to support the local chapters and set an agenda for the overarching AIHM Student Alliance.
How do I start an AIHM Local Chapter and become a Co-leader? A minimum of two students (co-leaders) are needed to form an official AIHM local chapter at a school/institution. Both students must be AIHM members. What are my responsibilities as an AIHM Local Chapter Co-leader? Being an AIHM local chapter co-leader is a wonderful opportunity to display community organization skills and actively build professional relationships. By utilizing leadership skills and strategic planning, co-leaders are responsible for planning fun, educational events that further expand the field of integrative health while positively impacting the surrounding community. The following bullet points describe co-leader responsibilities:
  • Help establish and grow your local chapter
    • Identify students in your program with an interest in integrative health.
    • Create a local chapter at your institution and connect with pre-existing clubs that share common interests.
    • Organize two local chapter events per year and promote chapter membership to local chapter participants. Membership commitment is a minimum of 1 year. A local chapter event can be substituted by a SALC event if the chapter co-leader also serves on the SALC.
    • Identify AIHM Action Committees, AIHM Special Interest Groups (SIGS), other AIHM initiatives that your AIHM local chapter can be involved with.
  • Help grow your local network
    • Reach out to other local schools who have integrative health/medicine clubs or other nearby institutions that have integrative health profession training programs (e.g., acupuncture school, massage program) and invite them to your meetings. Demonstrate interprofessional collaboration!
  • Coordination with National Leadership
    • Co-leaders are the main points of contact for the AIHM Student Alliance Leadership Council (SALC).
    • Attend quarterly meetings to represent your local chapter.
    • If you are able, attend the AIHM annual conference to officially represent your AIHM local chapter and be recognized by the larger integrative health community for your leadership service!
  • Get the word out!
    • Help disseminate promotional materials for virtual and in-person events to your school and online community via printed flyers, online posts, and email list-servs. Marketing material will be provided by AIHM staff.
    • Encourage all AIHM members/participants and any interested individuals to follow their local AIHM local chapter and each other on social media platforms.
How do I hold AIHM Local Chapter meetings?
  • Submit event details using the AIHM Event Proposal Form.
  • Topics can be varied and are encouraged to be multidisciplinary.
  • Events can be VIRTUAL – this is a great way to easily connect with other students and chapter leaders on a local, national, and international level.
  • Examples of events include but are not limited to: networking events, informational presentations, professional panels, community activities, roundtable discussions, case studies, Q&A.
AIHM Student Alliance Leadership Council (SALC) For students who seek out leadership opportunities at a national level, we invite you to apply to become part of the AIHM Student Alliance Leadership Council (SALC). AIHM SALC brings together 6 – 12 student leaders who set the AIHM student alliance goals for the year and drive national level engagement. What is the structure of the AIHM Student Alliance Leadership Council? The student alliance leadership council is made up of a maximum of 12 student leaders. Ideally, council seats are filled by representations from the integrative health disciplines listed below. No more than 2 representatives from any one profession can be on the leadership council at any given time.
  • Acupuncturist
  • Chiropractor
  • Naturopathic Doctor
  • Midwife or Direct entry-Midwife
  • Massage or Yoga Therapist
  • Medical/Osteopathic Doctor
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Physician Assistant/Associate
  • TWM-EP (Traditional World Medicine and Emerging Professions ): Chinese, Ayurvedic, herbal, or homeopathic medicine, etc.
  • Other health or research professions: Public Health professional (MPH), etc.
  • Mental Health Professional
What are my responsibilities on the AIHM Student Alliance Leadership Council? Being an AIHM student alliance leadership council member is an incredible leadership opportunity to learn more about the integrative health and medicine community. Many AIHM Local Chapter co-leaders go on to become National AIHM SALC leaders. Minimum of a one year commitment is required to sit on the council. As a national leader, you will share the following responsibilities with other fellow international student leaders:
  • Coordinate with AIHM Local Chapters
    • Ensure continuity of all AIHM chapters by identifying the next generation of local chapter leaders.
    • Act as a liaison between AIHM staff and AIHM local chapter co-leaders. Responsible for seeking event talent and communicating with AIHM staff to help plan chapter events.
    • Develop different program topics for local chapters such as “How to Hold a Student Alliance (SA) Meeting”or “Why start an AIHM chapter”, etc.
  • Help set the Annual Student Alliance (SA) Event Calendar
    • Coordinate or collaborate with council members on national SA virtual events: no less than 1 virtual event per quarter and no more than 1 virtual event per month (total events in any given year might vary).
  • Participate in the AIHM Annual Conference in October each year
    • One Student Representative will be appointed to give input to the AIHM Conference Committee.
    • Attend a SALC leadership luncheon with mentors at the AIHM Annual Conference.
    • Coordinate the AIHM Annual Student Alliance Networking Event at conference.
    • Announce presenting speakers at the AIHM Annual Conference.
  • Actively promote AIHM on social media
    • Follow AIHM and AIHM board members/leaders on social media (@aihmglobal for all).
  • Attend SALC-only Mentor Meetings/Lunch & Learns (quarterly)
What are the Benefits of participating in the AIHM Student Alliance Leadership Council?
  • Professional Development – create an integrative health community that supports your professional growth.
  • Business Development & Networking Opportunities – access employment and hands-on practice opportunities, learn business best practices, build an interprofessional referral network and network with integrative medicine global leaders.
  • Mentorship Opportunities – obtain leadership, research, and healthcare practice experience from AIHM mentors.
  • Public Speaking Opportunities – develop presentation skills with peers to gain confidence as a public speaker by speaking at local chapter events, SA Leadership meetings, and AIHM Annual conferences.
  • Educational Opportunities – learn from invited speakers and integrative health experts about a variety of topics.
  • Social Exchange – come together with like-minded individuals for fun interactive events and stimulating conversation.
  • Other Membership Benefits
Frequently Asked Questions Does it cost money to attend AIHM Local Chapter events? Chapter events are free and open to attend to anyone who is interested. If you are interested in additional benefits that can help enhance your career and networking circle, we highly recommend becoming an official AIHM member which is $50/year for students. Can we use the AIHM logo? Yes, the AIHM logo can be used by accessing our templates provided for student alliance events. Marketing materials and logo use must be pre-approved before use. We ask that you please send us a copy of anything you use the AIHM logo on for our archives. Will AIHM promote our event? Yes! The more time you give us, the better we can promote. Can our AIHM Student Alliance create our own Facebook group or other social media account? If your student alliance is interested in creating its own Facebook group, please have AIHM staff create the group for you and we can add co-leaders as administrators. Can I use the AIHM logo on my own website? Only AIHM members can use the logo on their website, email for approved AIHM logos. Tagging on Instagram AIHM Global on Instagram? Yes, the more visibility we have the better! How do I become a member of my AIHM Local Chapter? Become an Individual AIHM student member – $50 per year. Link to become a student member HERE. What are the benefits of becoming a student AIHM member? Although local chapter events are free to attend, an AIHM membership has added benefits such as mentorship, provider-student networking, reduced attendance fee for the AIHM annual conferences and access to a career recruiting platform. Resources