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Are you tired of silos in healthcare? If so, this is your home  to transform healthcare – mind, body, spirit, community & planet. 

Why Organizational Membership?

Organizational Members represent a global community unified by one goal: elevating integrative health & medicine care to become the worldwide standard, accessible to all. A stronger voice amplifies our collective impact to transform healthcare.  Through education, advocacy, policy reform, clinical care, health administration and other avenues — all of our organizational members bring unique contributions towards that goal.  Organizations can join as basic members to help us achieve that goal.  Once an organizational member, your organization may join councils that take on specific initiatives and areas of focus, upgrade to school sponsored membership which gives free individual membership to all of your students, faculty and staff, and be invited to special leadership summits to help strategize global initiatives.   We know that together we can begin to change the healthcare systems that are so deeply in need of change. 

AIHM is deeply committed to building a global movement that is equitable and accessible to all.  Like individual membership, organizational membership  pricing is based on the country you live in.  We use World Bank Data to classify countries by income level and adjust membership fees accordingly.   Low-income country member rates are discounted 90%, middle-income countries 75% off.   During sign up, the membership price will adjust to the country of residence you choose. This is just one more way that AIHM is building an equitable global community.  No one will be left out if they cannot pay – contact us if you need support to join. We also appreciate all the generous donations we receive from members and students who contribute towards scholarships.  Together we are stronger~

Organizational Membership Categories – Choose 1 to Join!

gross revenue
up to $100K


gross revenue
up to $5M


gross revenue
over $5M