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As the Fellowship Director of the AIHM Interprofessional Fellowship Program in integrative health and medicine, Dr. Erika Cappelluti is excited to announce a new Fall 2022 pilot project for nursing professionals!  Nurses with a BSN or RNs with a bachelor’s degree in a health-related field are now eligible for admission to the 2-year, 1000-hour program!  This is the first and only integrative fellowship program that will offer evidence-based training for a vast array of nurses.  Tuition rates are markedly reduced for the October cohort only.  Nurses from the integrative community share in our excitement!  Heidi Rogers, DNP, FNP C, APHN BC, AIHM Board Director, notes, “I am so excited that AIHM has been able to open up this Fellowship even further for nurses! It is timely and incredibly important for the future of nursing.”

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